About Yogini


I am Yogini dewi de Jong, …absolute sky dancer, I am an extraordinarily passionate woman, a mother first most, a daughter, a wife, a teacher, a friend and best of all a Spiritual Healer.

I started this due to the passing of my first born son, Ben “Gwak” Hodgson in 2014.      I was trying to connect to his own blog page and after reading some of his writings, I just felt the need to start my own writings and musings on life and the universe…..not sure if you’re going to get any clear answers on the later, however you will get some interesting stories of my life and those close to me. I have a very large extended and blended family whom I love dearly…all equally, though there are some that are naturally my favorites.
Please enjoy, laugh and cry along with me and most of all, don’t take anything personally.

So it’s been two years and now my outlook has changed considerably. Ben’s death may have been the catalyst to sow that first seed of musings, now it’s my passion for Healing and helping others that I want to connect and share with you.

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