2013 in Review


So…begins my story here….this is the last blog that my gorgeous hearted son wrote before his untimely death….we are still waiting for answers and it will be 10 weeks before we know why he was taken from us so soon. Nothing can ever prepare you for something like this….no amount of other people passing in your life gets even close to losing your own child ….it’s a pain that I hope not many of you ever have to experience. Ben’s group on the Green Day community lead me to read this blog of his and I thank you so much ….I’ve found more of him and ain’t it grand? So I’m tentatively taking baby steps and I hope I don’t offend xxxxx love and light to all of you xx


Compared to 2012, I feel like this last year has just blown right by.

There’s been some funky ass shit that’s gone down during 2013. What was weird was seeing all of it happen around me. There were marriages, there were divorces, there was victories & losses, doors closing but new ones that opened.

So on a personal level, I didn’t mind 2013. I was going into the second year of my degree full of beans and eager to learn. I was told going in that the second year was hardest year out of all of them. The past year was certainly a reminder that life isn’t always easy, but it also isn’t as difficult or as hard as some of the challenges I had faced in 2011 & 2012.

School started off with an interesting tone. To explain this better, I pathwayed into the BHI Music Business Degree from…

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